Oriental flower tattoos

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Oriental flower tattoos, also known as Asian flowers, covers lots of designs due to the many plant species that characterize the region in question. In fact, so many species is specifically dedicated to tattoo artists tattoos of oriental flowers.

Although the most popular target species for oriental tattoos of flowers is the cherry blossom, there are many to choose from a motive. For example, you can choose the hibiscus or the lotus flower, which also represent the Asian tradition of perfection and are equally beautiful. But I repeat: do not take a hasty decision, investigate and discover many interesting designs of oriental flowers.

These tattoos of oriental flowers look great when wearing colors. Usually, the colors of these flowers are kept within the ranges of pink and orange. And in terms of location, I think this is a tattoo that looks great when women are in the hips or around the navel.


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