The Balance of Yin and Yang in Your Tattoo

Friday, April 15, 2011

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Yin And Yang Tattoos
Many people when choosing what tattoo choosing representative symbols, recognized worldwide, and that above all things reflect a message that they want to convey, one of these symbols, perhaps one of the most tattooed is the Yin and Yang.

Although born of Eastern philosophy today his message is almost universal, as it has reached all corners of the world.

Is based on the duality of everything in the universe, fundamental forces, opposite and complementary at the same time, although many simplify this by saying that the Yin and Yang represent good and evil, which also makes sense.

It is an existential stance that has a single purpose: the harmony of the universe, the idea of balance, and those who choose to stamp this symbol on your skin, often want to reflect the harmony and balance in your life.

The most known to represent the Yin and Yang is the Taijitu, that figure is seen in a circle and two fish in, and clearly the most commonly used for tattoo designs of Yin and Yang

Here are some models we balanced wishing for that symbol tattooed.


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