Dessert , Ice Cream, a Tattoo

Friday, April 15, 2011

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food tattoos
If we talk about sweets, ice cream is practically the star, is that few people who do not like to enjoy a delicious ice cream on a hot summer day, but if I told you to wear a tattoo of ice cream your whole life skin.

If I must be honest, the truth is I prefer to enjoy a tasty ice cream before tattooed, but there are many others that if they decide to get tattooed this type of dessert and who am I to judge?

Ice cream tattoos are often associated with pop culture, symbols, images or figures that are recognized around the globe, especially younger generations, without a doubt the tattoos of ice cream, are often more frequently in adolescent girls .

Among the highlights of these tattoos, we can say that the variety in designs and colors will determine if your choice is appropriate because the tattoos of ice cream are usually very colorful and flashy, but not always used the same design characteristic, but you can give the way you want your ice cream, of course no longer seems that what is ultimately an ice cream.


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