Lion Tattoo Design For Men

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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lion tattos
Tattoos of lions are usually sought after by men, since this animal represents masculinity hundred per cent, as well as strength, courage and beauty. Today I want to talk about Lion Tattoo Design For Men.

We all know that the lion is considered the king of the jungle, perhaps because of its majestic mane and ferocity, or great commanding presence that leaves dazzled those lucky to be able to see this wonderful animal.

We find that the lion appears in many cultures as a symbol of vigilance and protection of God, is one of the four corners of creation. It is considered a solar animal, perhaps because of the color of their fur or the hair around his head. It is also the lion who personifies the sign of Leo.

For the Egyptians the sun rising behind the lion is a symbol of power and governance, as well as supported by two lions behind him meant the rising and setting sun. In China, the lion, like the dragon, a symbol of repelling evil spirits.

When looking tattoos lions can find a great variety of designs, we see that this may appear roaring, full body or just his impressive head, is also found in tribal, which have no color but in black are extremely bright.

If your choice is to get a tattoo of lion, bear in mind that you not only look good, but it feels like a king.


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