Lion Tattoo Design For You

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Lion Tatto
Lion tattoos are a very selected design. While most are men, women also are encouraged to portray this ferocious animal.

If you think a lion immediately associate it with the king of the jungle is well earned title. This habitat is one of the largest predators, which determines the fate of their neighbors when hunting to feed themselves.

The designs of lions symbolize the strength and courage that everyone must have to not let others pass over. It is also the emblem of the zodiac sign of Leo. Also many people to choose him as the protagonist of his tattoo do so at their imposing and beautiful aesthetic rather than by a particular symbology.

The drawing itself takes place in many different ways. It is common to see lions tribal or tribal caricatures. 
Also the pose in which they are varies. In the photo we see a lion, thinking, looking at the picture to give a single blow. Another very common pose illustrate roaring attitude taken to demonstrate its toughness.

The lion tattoos always look good. When you draw in black and white, like the photo taken a special force. If you're thinking that a lion will be your next tattoo not hesitate and look more beautiful design.

The Lions earned the respect of many for their ferocity. Fortunately there are many designs of tattoos lions among them will surely find one that best suits your personality.


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